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Everything you need to know about yacht charter

→ How can i choose a yacht ?

→ How rates are calculated ?

→ What is the amount of the VAT applicable on charter ?

→ What is included in the charter fee ?

→ What is the APA ?

→ What is a MYBA contract ?

→ What are the payment terms for secured a charter ?

→ How to specify itinerary, food and wine required for the charter ?

→ How much should I tip the crew ?

→ What is covered by the insurance of the yacht ?

→ Can i use the yacht’s watersports toys and SCUBA equipment ?

How can i choose a yacht ?

Upon the Client's request, a selection of yachts is made and eBrochures sent.

Typical charter criteria are:

- Size of the yacht or number of cabins required

- Type of yacht : motor, sailing yacht, flybridge, open, catamaran, classic yacht

- Rental date required

- Port of embarkation and cruising area

- Watertoys, Jacuzzi, stabilisers...required

- Weekly or daily rate

Once the availability is checked, final charter conditions and itinerary are defined and a contract is drawn up for signature of the yacht Owner, the Stakeholder/Broker and the Client.

How rates are calculated ?

Charter rates are quoted per week for the hire of the yacht. Seven days is generally the minimum charter period agreed by yachts, but charters can be for any duration under or over seven days.

Charters over seven days are calculated pro-rata against the weekly rate divided by seven and multiplied by the number of charter days. During low season periods and for a number of smaller

yachts charters of less than seven days may be considered in which case the weekly rate is divided by six and multiplied by the number of days.

What is the amount of the VAT applicable on charter ?

Due to the new European Union tax legislation, Value Added Tax (such as French TVA, Italian IVA, etc.) applies on the gross charter fee for charters taking place in European Union Waters on yachts

which are commercially registered.

What is included in the charter fee ?

The cost of the charter fee includes: use of the yacht, materials for the cleaning of the yacht, maintenance of the functions of the yacht and its mechanical equipment, salary and food of the crew,

yacht insurance against the marine risks, third party and crew.

What is a MYBA contract ?

The MYBA contract Agreement comprises the following items.

MYBA is the The Worldwide Yachting Association founded in 1984 by a group of prominent yacht brokers with the aim of promoting standards

of professionalism and ethics in the yachting industry throughout worldwide. MYBA only endorses membership to brokerages with a proven track record of professional excellence in the yachting industry.

What is the APA ?

In addition to the charter fee, you will also be asked to pay an APA of 30% of the charter fee.

Few days before embarkation, this amount will allow the Captain and the Chef to provision the yacht as per your food and drinks preferences, and to cover any other expenses relating to your charter,

such as fuel for the yacht and its tender(s),

port fees, communication costs etc. The Captain will advise you periodically as to the disbursement of the APA.

At the end of the charter, the captain will produce full accounts and receipts of all expenditures charged at-cost.

You will either be refunded any money not used or asked to pay any additional costs not covered by the APA.

In all cases, any outstanding accounts will be settled with the captain on board and prior to disembarkation.

What are the payment terms for secured a charter ?

The MYBA agreement usually requires a first installment of 50% of the charter fee at the moment of signature of the contract The remaining 50%, plus an Advance Provisioning Allowance, together

with any taxes, delivery/redelivery fees and any additionally agreed charges, is payable by bank transfer one month before the charter commences.

How to specify food and wine required aboard the yacht ?

A few weeks before the charter begins, a "preference list" is drawn. We will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire describing the preferences and special needs of all the members of your

party, such as dietary or medial requirements, details of any allergies, and your itineray required.

How much should I tip the crew ?

Crew gratuities are discretionary, although it is customary for a charterer to extend a gratuity.

Crew gratuities are around 5 to 10% of the charter fee, but according to your discretion.

What is covered by the insurance of the yacht ?

All members of the charter party should be covered by Personal Accident and Medical Insurance, and their personal effects should be insured against theft, loss or damage.

Can i use the yacht’s watersports toys and SCUBA equipment

A Certificate of Competency is required to participate in watersports activities (jet skis, waverunners and other mechanically propelled watercraft). Please consider which members of your party will

want to use the motorised water toys. If they do not have the required licences/certificates we can arrange for a instructor to come on board the yacht during the charter to issue a certificate at the

charterer’s expenses. If the yacht has SCUBA equipment on board, it may only be used by certified divers holding a certified PADI license or equivalent.

The role of L’Echo Nautique is to assist the Client in choosing the most suitable charter yacht and organise all the logistics before, during and after the charter in order to achieve the smoothest and

most enjoyable cruise.