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Ionian islands

The Ionian Islands are located in the western part of Greece, in the Ionian Sea, just under the Adriatic Sea, famous for its warm and high salt content waters. This part of the world is an absolute paradise, where you will find the true meaning of Greek hospitality.

The main island are Corfu, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Lefkada, Paxoi or Zakinthos. The beautiful beaches, charming villages and the green landscapes make that islands unique.

Corfu is the second largest island in the group of Ionian Islands, after Kefalonia. The island of Corfu has been described as the Emerald Isle, the Garden of Eden and by Homer himself, a beautiful and rich land all this is due to the lush green hills, towering mountains, clear blue seas, pure white sands, endless olive groves and colourful wild flowers.

Zante is a beautiful island, with many varieties of pretty colourful flowers that seem to blossom all year round. Zante has much to offer any visitor, from splendid sandy beaches, the unique chance to see endangered wildlife in the form of Caretta Caretta turtles and Monk seals, impressive monasteries and churches with fine frescos and icons, as well as the famous Blue Caves and the best known sight on Zante- Shipwreck beach one of the most photographed places in the world. The Venetians ruled on Zante for many years and many of the buildings have a strong Venetian influence. There are several interesting museums in the town well worth a visit, such as the Byzantine museum and the Solomos and Kalvos museum.

Ithaca is the second smallest of the inhabited Ionian Islands. 
Ithaca is most famous for being Odysseus’s homeland. There are two Odysseus sites on Ithaca and they are well worth visiting. Ithaca offers those who like walking some excellent walking opportunities, in the fabulous scenery. There are many types of wild flowers and wildlife to see. With picturesque towns such as Kioni and Friskes, Ithaca is a lovely little island to explore. Ithaca is an island unspoilt by tourism, it is calm and beautiful and perfect for a relaxing holiday. The island is popular with celebrities and Charles, the Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, spent part of their honeymoon here. After a visit here you will see why Odysseus spent 10 years struggling to get back home, to this wonderful island.

Kefalonia is an island as attractive to walkers as it is to sunbathers. For the walker there are acres of inland forest covered mountains to explore. There are plenty on beaches many of them among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Is one of Greece's best secrets and once voted 10th in a world scenic beauty league, thus it demands and deserves exploration. Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian Islands, lying just 11 km from the southernmost tip of Corfu. Many visitors return year after year to Paxos to experience the intimacy of this peaceful haven, the genuine friendliness of the locals, and the captivating scenery.

Lefcas Windsurfing and watersports are the two major things to do here, but the island also is very nice to explore, either on foot or by renting a vehicle. The neighbouring islands, as well as Onassis' island Scorpio which, of course, you can not visit.