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Turkey has the most coastline than any other European country.

That’s why Southern Turkey is an incredible mix between tradition and nowadays aspirations.
Its splendid coastal villages and the brilliant waters hide a great underwater life. This destination is the last rempart for a serene relaxation among discoveries and lazing. The southern coast is a bountiful area. The scabrous coastlines, including small fishing villages and retired isles, offer lots of possibilities. For a Charter, the most appealing ports are Bodrum, Marmaris, the Gulf of Gocek, Kalkan and Ekincik. And to add some flavor, the Turkish gastronomy blend an European and Asian food culture.
Bodrum is a lovely town features natural beauty and ancient ruins as well as a thriving nightlife. Browse in the seaside shops, dine on the waterfront at one of dozens of outstanding restaurants, and swim in the perfectly clear, warm sea. 

This is the capital of Turkish yachting. This lively town propose unstoppable nighlifes. It is soaked in natural and archeologic sites, and the sun is the perfect way to reveal an incredible jungle and an interesting underwater life. Considered like the heart of the Turkish coast, explore the mysterious phosphorous caves.

This place is renowned for its fantastic sailing spot. The gulf of Gocek shelter the main Turkish marinas and keep intact small fishing villages. The nature kept its charm and the possibility to visit attractive beaches is interesting. This somptuous area dedicate a multitude of shops, hotel and typical turkish restaurant.

Kalkan is the atypical harbour of the Mediterranea. Actually, it is the bohemian atmosphere and the amazing backdrop of the
hinterland that will charm everyone. The tranquility and the local conservation spirit are just stunning if you decide to take pleasure on a beach or in a coffee.

Turkey is less developped, giving you the chance to experience its numerous unspoiled islands with calm and seclusion It’s an exotic voyage that will take you on a journey of discovery to picturesque towns and bazars bulging with spice and silk, the private beach of Cleopatra, and the wonder of Mount Olympus.