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A dazzling array of granite and coral islands with a location outside the cyclone belt makes Seychelles a year-round sailing destination.

The easy sailing distances between the Inner Islands with their secure moorings offers myriad beaches, golden sands, hidden bays and secret coves. Huge granite rocks polished over eons by the relentless waves of the Indian Ocean. Giant palm trees with their famous “coco de mer” nuts, and turquoise inlets fringed with lush green takamakas shading the fine white sand beaches. This is the image we all have about the Seychelles islands. A paradise. And deservedly so, because these islands, lying off the east coast of Africa just south of the Equator, are stunningly beautiful. 

Seychelles is an island nation with 115 islands full of natural beauty. They are in two distinct groups including the Inner Island Group and the Outer Island Group. The Outer Islands, mainly coral cays and atolls, are virgin territories featuring stunning lagoons and unparalleled opportunities for big-game, bottom and fly-fishing.
The 41 granitic Inner Islands cluster around the three principal islands of Praslin, La Digue and Mahe. There are also two coral islands in the Inner Island Group. They are Denis Island and Bird Island. Sailing around the Seychelles’ Inner Islands offers miles of scenic coastline with safe anchorages and over 65 beaches on Mahe alone as well as many secret coves.

Together, these Inner Islands form the cultural and economic hub of the nation and contain the majority of Seychelles tourism facilities as well as its most stunning beaches.

The Outer Islands are 72 coral islands and form an arc towards Africa. The six distinct island groups in the Outer Islands are the Amirantes, the Alphonse Group, the Southern Coral Group, the Farquhar Group and Aldabra. They all lie between 260 and 865 miles from the east coast of Africa.
Port Victoria on Mahe Island is the only official port of entry and exit for private yachts.
Seychelles has a few limitations for mooring near their Marine Parks. They have streamlined the process for the convenience of visitors. Yachts can arrive and anchor in the specified zones marked for visitors. The Marine Park officials will go to the yacht to collect the required fees for landing, entry or overnight mooring.

The Reserves and Marine Parks are: Cousin, Aride, Curieuse Marine National Park, Ste. Anne Marine National Park, Ile Coco Marine National Park,St. Pierre 
Entrance is controlled by the owners of privately owned or managed islands. To land on these islands the island management must be contacted for permission.These islands are: Bird, Chauve Souris, Anonyme, Cousine, Denis, Felicite, D’Arros and St. Joseph Atoll, Fregate, Grand Soeur, Moyenne, North, Petite Soeur, Round Island near Mahe, and Round Island near Praslin.

A world like no other!
Just some of the many factors that make these islands such a sought-after paradise to spend your holidays. The Seychelles Islands promise unparalleled beauty, adventure, romance and tranquility.