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Take an adventure sailing holiday to the THAILAND.

Thailand has been compared to the Caribbean in Hemingway’s time; untouched and enticing. Although mass tourism has arrived here onshore, there are still myriad islands beyond the reach of most travellers, and endless coves and beaches you can claim all to yourself.

The Gulf coast of Thailand which includes Koh Samui and Koh Phangan has perfect weather from April to October; however most superyacht charters focus on the Andaman Sea coast in and around the island of Phuket, where high season runs from November until March.

Thailand is the fabled Far East, with colourful Buddhist temples, fragrant spices creating heavenly food, gorgeous beaches and smiling charming people. No postcard or travel magazine can do justice to the Karst scenery of Phang Nga Bay where fingers of limestone point to the sky, their bases undercut and often hiding a secret hongí or lagoon. Visit a sea gypsy village on stilts and barter with fishermen for live prawns still wriggling in the bilge of their long-tail boats.

From Phuket southwards for a hundred miles or so the coastline is dotted with hundreds of islands, many uninhabited; northwards you pass the diving meccas of the Surin and Similan islands towards Burma. Phuket itself has a thriving yachting scene, several superyacht marinas, as well some ultra-luxurious resorts and villas in exclusive developments away from the busier beaches.
A cruise along the Andaman coast will be a revelation; the sights, sounds and smells all as exotic and delicious as the food. You can relax in glorious isolation in any number of anchorages, or dance the night away at a lively beach party lit by fire dancers. World-beating spas will sooth away all resistance and soon you’ll be as laid back as locals – the only way to be when it’s 30C plus all year round.