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Protected between Italy and France, this island is a fantastic heaven. With a year round sunshine, awesome beaches of wonderful sand and breathtaking landscapes, Corsica is called: "l'île de beauté" 

Cap Corse
The narrow peninsula of Cap Corse hides stunning landscapes and various surroundings. The exploration by land is as interresting as by sea.

St Florent
Considered as amazing place in Corsica, St Florent benefits from its excellent gastronomy with many fish restaurants. The wildness of the unknown creeks and bays, only accessible with a boat, are very interresting solutions.

Île Rousse to Calvi
Along the west coast, and between the small village of Île Rousse and the impregnable citadel of Calvi stands wonderful sand beaches offrering anchor possibilities.
These both harbours are the nearest from France.

With some of the most stunning surrounding in Corsica, the city of Ajaccio is a delight. This trendy town will surprise more than one traveller. During the whole year, Ajaccio is an inevitable destination: That you prefer the sweetness of the winter and the heat of the life in summer, Ajaccio will amaze you. The harbour of Tino Rossi is able to welcome any type of boat.

South corsica is the heaven for everyone.
By Downhill the west coast, find great creeks and wonderful bays to anchor your yacht.
Arriving in Bonifacio, enjoy this fabulous village from the extreme south of Corsica. The majesty of this incredible paradise is just amazing. 
Then, sail to the Lavezzi Islands with its crystal clear waters and take a stop in front of the Sperone golf. You will be astonished by the beauty.

Porto Vecchio
This protected harbour is a present of the heaven. Anchor at least one night  to enjoy the animation of this area. And to admire the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, put anchor at Palombaggia or Santa Giulia.