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Venice & East Italy

Beneath the sultry Mediterranean sun, the towns and villages of the Italian east coast light up like precious jewels. From the ‘pearl of the Adriatic to the capital of Italian seaside tourism, every metre of this glorious coastline is illuminated by, and notorious for, its pristine and diverse beauty.

The crystalline Adriatic runs down the fertile length of Italy’s east coast, a resplendent and glamorous stretch of seductive coastal enclaves. Venice is the most popular destination, though there are several that hope to one day rival the opalescent city of serenity in the hearts of both Italians and international travellers. 

The most indulgently glamorous and truly extravagant lagoon city in the world, Venice is the quintessence of luxury. Sleek black forms steal across the emerald and turquoise waters of the Grand Canal with whispery ease, while the luminous façades of Renaissance palazzi rise from the cooling depths in towering monuments of ivory and pearl. Home to some of the world’s most recognizable edifices, Venice is a city composed of medieval warrens, ancient craft and delicate, deliberate excess.

Rimini is one of Italy’s most popular resort towns with a 15-kilometre stretch of diamond-white sands that scatter like powder beneath lazy toes. A coastal city rich in arts and history, Rimini is also home to a thriving nightlife composed of boutique hotels, premier restaurants and scintillating nightclubs.

One of the most exquisite examples of a Renaissance settlement, Urbino is nestled into one of the most remote corners of the Italian peninsula. Protected by a lush slope of hills, it is an ancient university town that still lays protected within its 14th-century walls. Home to the stunning Palazzo Ducale, several venerable churches and a sprawling collection of art galleries, Urbino is an erudite village with its roots firmly planted in the beautiful past.

Picturesque Trieste is the home of one of the world’s biggest races, the Barcelona World Race, while the pearly palazzi and campanile of Ascoli sparkle against a rugged mountain backdrop. For those seeking bucolic pleasures, the quaint fishing village of Fano is a luminous haven of old-world architecture and home to a glorious 16th-century fountain whose nude centrepiece turns with the wind.