The Seychelles

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Seychelles is a breathtaking haven of two main island groups. The Mahé group first boasts over 40 central, majestic granitic islands with lush tropical vegetation, high-hanging gardens, and stunning silver-white beaches. The highest point, Morne Seychellois, rises to an awe-inspiring 2,969 feet, offering panoramic views. The second group comprises more than 70 outer, flat, coralline islands, with their elevated coral reefs in various stages of formation. These islands, rising just a few feet above sea level, are mainly waterless and sparsely populated. The climate is tropical oceanic, promising year-round warmth and sunshine. Seychelles is truly a natural wonder waiting to be explored!

The breathtaking Seychelles, known as one of the world's tiniest countries, comprises two primary island groups. The first is the Mahé group, which consists of over 40 central, mountainous granitic islands. The second group includes more than 70 outer, flat, coralline islands. The islands in the Mahé group are characterized by rocky terrain, featuring narrow coastal strips and a central range of hills. These islands' lush tropical vegetation resembles high-hanging gardens overlooking stunning silver-white beaches and crystal-clear lagoons. The highest peak in Seychelles, Morne Seychellois, which stands at 2,969 feet (905 meters), is situated on the island of Mahé.
On the other hand, the coralline islands, which rise just a few feet above sea level, are flat and feature elevated coral reefs at various stages of formation. These islands are predominantly waterless, and only a few have a permanent resident population. Seychelles experiences a tropical oceanic climate with minimal temperature fluctuations throughout the year.