Cuba offers diverse, exciting experiences, from metropolitan city centres to remote islands in archipelagos.

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Embark on a unique and personalized Cuba luxury expedition designed to cater to your every desire. With seven international ports of entry, wherever you enter Cuba, you will be met with beauty, mystery, adventure, and the warmth of the Cuban people. Cuba boasts the best scuba diving in the world, an underwater national park, thousands of uninhabited islands and islets teeming with life, and nature and adventure to spare. With six centuries of culture and history, nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a vibrant 21st-century cultural scene, Cuba offers a cultural experience like no other. Our exclusive, custom-designed expeditions will take you to places and offer adventures beyond your imagination. Let Cuba inspire you with its beauty, culture, and adventure.


One of the seven Wonder Cities of the World is a place that will leave you in awe. As you arrive by sea at the magnificent Port of Havana, passing the iconic lighthouse and Spanish fortress that has guarded the most significant port in the Caribbean for five hundred years, you will experience a moment that will stay with you forever. Havana is steeped in history and culture, with a booming nightlife and a surprising culinary movement, and is a mecca for sport fishermen, scuba divers, sailors, and adventurous travellers worldwide. You can visit Ernest Hemingway's favourite haunts and contemporary artist studios, explore five centuries of architecture and history, and sip mojitos while rocking to the rhythm emanating from the city's soul. Havana is as unforgettable as her people, with beauty and excitement beyond the imagination.


Discover the beauty of the province of Matanzas, where you can find Varadero, Cuba's most famous beach resort destination. At the end of the long Hicacos Peninsula, the country's newest and most impressive state-of-the-art marina, Marina Gaviota Varadero. From here, you can explore hundreds of great dive spots, go fishing, or relax on endless miles of white sand beach. Take a day trip to Cayo Blanco and enjoy all the toys the boat offers, or visit the nearby freshwater caves and the city of Matanzas, known as the Venice of Cuba, for the 17 bridges that cross the three rivers traversing the city. The Hicacos Peninsula that extends between Matanzas and Varadero is also home to stalagmite and stalactite caves with vestiges of prehistoric people. Come and experience the wonders of Matanzas for yourself.

Maria La Gorda International Dive Center

Located in the westernmost province of Cuba, Pinar del Rio is the Maria La Gorda International Dive Center. The centre is named after an indigenous Venezuelan woman who was kidnapped by pirates and left on Cuban soil. The area is known for its pristine and spectacular reefs, which Jacques Cousteau first brought to international attention. Maria La Gorda is situated at the far end of the protected Guanahacabibes Peninsula, just west of where Cuba's most valuable natural resource, tobacco, grows. The Viñales Valley, a UNESCO World Nature Site, is also nearby. The valley is home to "mogotes," or limestone mounds that date back to the Jurassic era and are complete with navigable underwater rivers.

Canarreos Archipelago

The Canarreos Archipelago is a breathtaking group of islands that offers a world of adventure and discovery. Isla de La Juventud, the most significant island in the archipelago, boasts some of the best scuba diving opportunities in the Americas. The island's Punta Frances National Park is a natural wonder that covers almost half of the island and features white sand beaches, protected nature, pristine bottoms, and over 250 ancient drawings made by the native population. The island's rich history as a pirate haunt adds to its allure, attracting adventurers and explorers worldwide. The archipelago extends eastward and contains over 300 uninhabited emerald islets that are teeming with life and waiting to be explored. Finally, Cayo Largo del Sur is a paradise with a lovely marina and dive centre and one of the most essential Sea Turtle reproduction centres and sanctuaries worldwide. The island's Playa Paraiso is a true gem that has been consistently named among the top three beaches in the world by travel experts.


Cienfuegos is a city named after its province. It is a living museum of French Neoclassical architecture. The city's majestic bay, with the Escambray mountains in the backdrop, offers one of the most beautiful and dramatic settings to be on anchor. You can go to the marina, out of the bay, and around the Faro Luna Dive Center. Here, a diving expedition can turn into a swim with dolphins adventure in their natural habitat. The Spaniards founded Cienfuegos but were soon taken over by the French. It has a rich and fascinating history and is known for the high hygiene and cleanliness introduced centuries ago by its founders. Not far away is the Cienega de Zapata, a vibrant wetland where bird watching, fly fishing, and exploring are just some of the adventures that await you.


Located in the heart of the beautiful province of Sancti Spiritu, it is a place that will take you back in time. The entire historic city of Trinidad is a UNESCO World Heritage site, frozen between the 16th and 18th centuries. The palazzos of the sugar barons still stand, reminding us of the raw and exciting era of land barons, pirates, and buccaneers. Thanks to the sugar industry, Trinidad was once the wealthiest city in Cuba. The city's rich history and stunning architecture make it a must-visit destination. The surrounding areas are equally breathtaking, with two other UNESCO sites just a short drive away: The Valley of the Sugar Mills and Topes de Collantes National Park. Waterfalls, rivers, and lush tropical flora are the backdrop for horseback riding, swimming, hiking, picnics, and more. Trinidad is a place that will leave you in awe and inspire you to explore more of Cuba's rich cultural heritage.

Jardines de La Reina - Gardens of the Queen

Discover the wonders of Cuba's Ciego de Avila province, where two breathtaking destinations await you: The Gardens of the Queen and the King Archipelagos. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater national park, the Gardens of the Queen, and witness the diverse marine life in its pristine waters. Or, experience the beauty of the Gardens of the King, where you can enjoy the shallower waters, all-inclusive resorts, and endless beaches. Whether you prefer snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, or simply lounging on the beach, these islets have something for everyone. Come witness Cuba's unparalleled efforts towards sustainable marine tourism and conserving its pristine waters at the Gardens of the Queen.

Santiago de Cuba

Discover the wonders of Santiago de Cuba, a province and city of immense historical significance in Cuba. Home to the second-largest city in Cuba after Havana, Santiago boasts a stunning bay and port, with a populated island in the middle of the bay. The Granma Province, located near Santiago, is home to the Caribbean's most extensive mountain range, the Sierra Maestra, which played a pivotal role in the Cuban Revolution. Santiago de Cuba is a treasure trove of nature, history, and culture, making it the perfect entry point to Cuba from the East. Don't miss the opportunity to visit El Cobre, the shrine to Cuba's patron saint, The Virgin of Charity, or drive to Baracoa, Cuba's oldest town on the easternmost tip, located nearby. Come and experience the magic of Santiago de Cuba for yourself!