Raja Ampat

Prepare to be amazed by Raja Ampat's breathtaking natural beauty and pristine coral reefs. Witnessing this natural wonder of the world is an Ultimate privilege.

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Raja Ampat is frequently voted one of the top diving destinations in the world. With its phenomenal range of biodiversity, crystal-clear waters, and exotic marine life, there are more than a handful of regions to visit, Indonesia’s prime diving spot. Raja Ampat is considered one of the last diving frontiers on the planet, with only 35 of its 1500 islands being inhabited. This leaves much to be discovered, with many reefs to dive into and copious coves just waiting to be explored.

The marine life here is second to none.

It’s been said that Raja Ampat is host to an incredible 75% of all known coral species worldwide. In addition, the underwater flora and fauna are something to behold. Raja is home to sharks, manta rays, batfish, and a beautiful array of pygmy seahorses…to name but a few of the stunning species to be found here! The ability to get up close and personal with such a broad spectrum of marine life is a joy synonymous with Raja Ampat, so it’s time to put this destination on your bucket list right away.

Mostly untouched, Raja Ampat is still off of the beaten tourist track.

While Indonesia itself is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination (following the trend of ‘affordable Asia,’ on a path already paved by Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos), Raja Ampat is a lush destination still ‘out-there’ enough to feel enticingly different and secluded. In light of this, it’s easily plausible to include Raja as part of a broader holiday to Asia – whether you’re more of a ‘flop and drop’ fan, lounging on the beaches of the Gili Islands, or an avid adventurer, keen to explore the jungles and waterfalls of Bali. But for those of you who’d prefer to spend your time in one spot, fear not: Raja Ampat is home to a whole host of activities, from kayaking and snorkelling to diving and beach bumming. Take your time as leisure here to enjoy a magnificent blend of traditional holidays and a unique sense of blissful island isolation.

The most exclusive and picturesque destinations on the planet

The awe-inspiring beauty of Raja Ampat's natural scenery, a true 'natural wonder of the world,' is a privilege to behold. Its remote location, a key factor in preserving its pristine coral reefs, has limited human impact due to the lack of island transportation. But it's not just the untouched beauty that makes Raja Ampat special. Imagine ascending the 340 wooden stairs on one of the islands and being greeted by exclusive panoramic views of the surrounding tropical hills and the enchanting translucent oceans below. These unique experiences make Raja Ampat one of the most exclusive and picturesque destinations on the planet.

Kelimutu National Park

For those who appreciate the beauty of nature, Indonesia offers many other natural marvels. Before visiting Raja Ampat, consider a detour to the famous Kelimutu National Park, where you can marvel at the striking tri-coloured lakes within the summit of Kelimutu's craters. The pride of this area is the "Lake of Old People" (Tiwu ata Mbupu), with its beautiful powdery turquoise waters offering a soothing contrast to the rugged Mt Kelimutu. The ever-changing minerals in two other lakes also create a magical display of intense shades of indigo, brown, orange, red, and black within the volcanic craters. Indonesia is a treasure trove of dramatic landscapes waiting to be explored, offering a wealth of natural beauty.

Population of less than 50,000

The people of Raja Ampat are both captivating and charming. Visiting such a remote location surrounded only by water reveals stark differences between Western culture and life in Raja Ampat. With a population of less than 50,000, some islands are home to as few as 170 natives, including 70 children. The distinct lack of integration with the rest of the world is truly fascinating, offering an opportunity to learn from the locals and gain insight into their way of life. At the same time, there is much that the locals can learn from us. The main occupation of the islanders is fishing, showcasing their resourcefulness and adaptability to their limited surroundings. However, it's important to note that unsustainable fishing methods are depleting the vitality of the waters, posing a threat to the delicate ecosystem. This is why sustainable tourism practices are crucial in Raja Ampat, to ensure the preservation of its natural beauty for future generations.