Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea is an unexplored country island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Its stunning natural beauty includes beaches, forests, and diverse fauna.

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It is home to the eastern half of New Guinea, the world's second-largest island, the Bismarck Archipelago, Bougainville, and various smaller offshore islands and atolls.

Regarding biodiversity, Papua New Guinea is truly remarkable, with 5-7% of the world's biological diversity found in less than 1% of the world's land mass. The country also boasts one-third of the world's pristine tropical rainforest. The Highlands Region, with its cool climate, rugged mountain ranges, and rich biodiversity, including numerous endemic species of animals and birds, invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure. Papua New Guinea is home to 38 of the world's 43 Bird of Paradise species, a testament to its unique and diverse wildlife.


Papua New Guinea is considered the global epicentre of marine species biodiversity in the Coral Triangle. The country's marine environment is incredibly diverse, featuring pristine coral reefs home to over 600 species of coral and 3000 species of reef fish, tuna, sharks, and other marine life. This makes it one of the world's richest areas of marine biodiversity, offering some of the best scuba diving spots, including WWII wreck dive sites.


Furthermore, Papua New Guinea is renowned for its cultural and linguistic diversity. With approximately 860 languages spoken by about 8 million people, Papua New Guinea is considered the most culturally and linguistically diverse country on the planet. This rich tapestry of cultures and languages invites you to immerse yourself in a world of awe and wonder, appreciating the beauty of human diversity.


Bougainville Island, part of the Solomon Islands chain, is a prime example of Papua New Guinea's natural beauty. It has dense forests, crystal-clear lagoons, waterfalls, caves, and stunning beaches. Despite the challenges of infrastructure and organized tours, the island has the potential to become a top ecotourism destination, especially since the civil war ended in 1998.


Papua New Guinea is a world-class destination for diving enthusiasts, offering exceptional marine diversity, varied underwater topography, and a wealth of WWII wrecks to explore. The country's dive sites are spectacular, from the renowned wrecks of Rabaul in New Britain to the vibrant reef fish in Kimbe Bay and the sizeable pelagic life near Kavieng in New Ireland. Whether you stay in diving lodges or embark on a live-aboard experience, such as the Chertan in Milne Bay or the FeBrina in Walindi, Papua New Guinea offers unparalleled diving adventures.